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Native trainer gta 5 – Mod menu for car, airplane …

Native trainer gta 5 – Mod menu for car, airplane …

What is Native trainer gta 5?

GTA V Script Hook V + Native Trainer is something GTA V gamers need. This is a tool that helps GTA V gamers do whatever they want in the game. From immortality, tireless running, invisibility, calling a car, calling a plane, ship, motorbike, weapon, weapon accessory, weather, time, speed, travel anywhere just in a musical note, add events, summon game characters …

Native trainer gta 5
Native trainer gta 5

Script Hook V + Native Trainer is Grand Theft Auto V changer software that allows users to use ASI plug-ins and native GTA V Script features. Not only that, this software also comes with a Trainer that allows users to freely change anything in the game world, play with the weather, change the skin and create eye-catching transportation vehicles. in the game.

Native Trainer Tutorials:

  • Press F4 to activate
  • Press the NUM2 / 8/4/6 keys to scroll through the menus and lists (numlock must be enabled)
  • Press the NUM5 key to select
  • Press the NUM0 / BACKSPACE / F4 key to return
  • Press the NUM9 / 3 key to accelerate the vehicle when activated
  • Press the NUM + key to use the vehicle’s rockets when activated


Native trainer gta 5

Realative: Openiv gta 5

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