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CompactStorage 1.15.2

CompactStorage 1.15.2

The CompactStorage Mod adds several new chests to the game to give you a significantly higher capacity storage system. The mod adds five new tiers ranging from double to sextuple the normal chest storage.

333 CompactStorage 1.15.2

The chests are color coded to signify which level they are. This is both great for organization as well as aesthetics. The recipes are a bit more complicated than standard chests so you’ll have to work a little harder to earn that higher storage capacity, but the payoffs are worth it.

What makes this mod so great is you can stack and place the chests side by side which greatly reduces the amount of space your storage will take up. Get ready for incredibly vast storage in a limited space, hence the name CompactStorage.

And to make this mod that much more handy, it adds backpacks. So the same tiered system applies to the backpacks as the chests. And what’s awesome about that is it significantly increases what you can carry with you at all times while only taking up one slot in your standard inventory.

22 CompactStorage 1.15.2


4.0 updated CompactStorage to 1.15.2. 4.0.3 fixed chests not keeping size when broken. Also fixed tooltips not showing in chest and backpack inventories.

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