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About iPhone 12

Introducing iPhone 12

The whole world has had its rough years, and you don’t buy complicated technology when things are bad. The epidemic has had little or no impact on iPhone production and the iPhone 12 generation however launched in October. Sure, it’s exciting, but it’s also pretty routine and unthinkable. However, since significant technological advancements have not occurred in a while, a new design and 5G connectivity will have to do.

iphone12 1 About iPhone 12

Another glass phone with a dual-camera, OLED display is the iPhone 12. The 1080p OLED display, a much-appreciated improvement over the iPhone 11’s 720p LCD, is also arguably the iPhone’s most compelling feature. iPhone 12 (and 12 mini).

Design overview

The first is that the iPhone 12 is the “small” version. According to speculation, iPhone 12 is launched with square, masculine edges and has 5 different colors: black, red, white, blue and green.

iphone12 3 About iPhone 12


Brief introduction about iPhone 13

With a design breakthrough, the recently launched iPhone 12 is 16% lighter, 15% smaller and 11% thinner than its predecessors. Both models feature Ceramic Shield glass, which is said to be the hardest glass for mobile devices.


The A14 Bionic chip, which was Apple’s most powerful chip at the time, powered both devices. With 6 CPU cores, 11.8 billion semiconductors and 4 GPU cores, this chip also ranks as the fastest mobile processor on the market and is 40% faster than A13.


Wide and ultra-wide lenses with 12MP resolution will be included in the camera duo on iPhone 12 and Mini version. The iPhone 12 will have the best video recording quality in the world.

Three cameras are grouped together on the back: an Ultra Wide camera for ultra-wide-angle shots, a Wide-angle camera, and a Telephoto camera that focuses on portraits.

Accessories included

Sadly, the retail bundle has been drastically reduced; the charger and headphones are no longer included. And if you had any doubts that this will also affect the Android market, you should know that its two main competitors, Samsung and Xiaomi, are also taking similar action.

iphone12 2 About iPhone 12

Since this reviewer switched from an iPhone 11 Pro Max to an iPhone 12 four months ago, we can now take a close look at whether the generation jump was worthwhile and if we made the right choice by selecting this particular model. Good or bad? This is a comprehensive evaluation of the iPhone 12.

This article briefly describes the iPhone 12 phone, please read and give us your comments about the article as well as the product. If you are someone who is looking to buy an iPhone, please refer to the link below to be able to choose for yourself a satisfactory phone.


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