Undead Streets Gta V scripts

Welcome to Undead Streets, a zombie apocalypse mod for Grand Theft Auto 5. This has been inspired by the brilliant Simple Zombies mod

Please note that this is an early Alpha release of the mod, and therefore there will undoubtably be bugs and missing features (such as crafting and base building). Please help by posting any problems you encounter either in the comments on the download page, on the forum thread or the Undead Streets Discord.

Mod Features

  • Select either a Male or Female character (MP Freemode models)
  • No city/car ambient noises – it’s meant to be the end of the world, so you shouldn’t be able to hear lawn mowers!
  • No phone or car radios – again, end of the world, these wouldn’t work!
  • Basic ‘survival game’ stats – eat to keep hunger levels up, drink to keep thirst levels up and sleep to keep energy levels up
  • Basic inventory system (can be saved/loaded) and ability to loot items from dead survivors/zombies, and harvest meat from dead animals
  • Turn on/off Fast Zombies (note these will be more common between 7pm and 7am)
  • Abandoned vehicles dotted around map (customisable in ‘Settings.ini’)
  • Vehicles that work can be claimed and saved/loaded
  • Random survivors spawned every 5 minutes (real time) – friendly survivors can be recruited (Groups can be saved/loaded), neutral survivors can be attacked and looted, hostile survivors will attack you!
  • Zombies will spawn more frequently in city, animals will be more frequent/only spawn in countryside (is customisable)
  • All models used for Zombies and Survivors can either be customised in .lst files (found in the /Scripts/UndeadStreets/Settings/ directory) or will be randomised in game, depending on the area of the map you are in
  • Vehicles will be different in and outside of Los Santos, and again can be customisable in .lst files (found in the ‘/Scripts/UndeadStreets/Settings/’ directory)
  • Animals will also be different in and outside of Los Santos, and again can be customisable in .lst files (found in the ‘/Scripts/UndeadStreets/Settings/’ directory)

Known Bugs/Errors

  • All (most) doors/gates in the game that are usually locked will open. The upside is you can access some of the basic interiors, but the downside is that electric gates open automatically and there shouldn’t really be any electricity! I’m looking into somehow keeping the gates locked but the doors open
  • Car headlights don’t work as the mod uses the game’s “blackout” feature, so that there are no lights or electricity. Not sure how to get around this one yet!
  • The colours for text, UI and menus are a bit random and need to be standardised/simplified!

Download and review :

gta v zombie mod

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