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Extra Alchemy Mod 1.15.2 for Minecraft

Extra Alchemy Mod 1.15.2 mod aims to enlarge minecraft brewing system with more useful potions. To get the potions recipes in-game use a tool like JEI. If you enjoy (or not) this mod, please, spend a minute leaving a comment. Most developers pour their soul in their creations, and feedback is …

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AnimalNet Mod [1.15.2] for Minecraft

AnimalNet Mod [1.15.2] for Minecraft AnimalNet adds new different sized nets to the game with wich you can catch mobs and animals. Features: Mobs/Animals will keep nametags Mobs/Animals will keep their inventory Mobs/Animals will keep alll their settings(like age for baby animals) Size matters. If a mob is too big …

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