Smart Moving Mod 1.16.3 Minecraft

Do you always find it difficult to navigate in Minecraft? Get acquainted with the version of Smart Moving Mod when it can bring a more enjoyable experience in traveling. Try out many forms of movement with the Smart Moving Mod that will make you discover more interesting things.
Experiment now with movements that help you experience better in Smart Moving Mod with easy operations. Many types for you to choose from depending on the situation you encounter during the game such as climbing, jumping, crawling, swimming …

The notable points in the game Smart Moving Mod

– Diverse types of moves. Gamers can use a variety of moves in Smart Moving Mod with fast speed.
Leo: Smart Moving Mod allows players to perform an optional mode of climbing behavior in a variety of terrain. When enabled by profile or by default, you can climb anywhere you find at least one cube-sized horizontal edge. The climbing mode is available in the Easy Mode and Smart Function types.
+ Swimming and diving. In the Smart Moving Mod you can dive into static water at least two blocks deep. Then press and hold the forward button to dive using YOUR MOUSE. To swim stop hold the forward button and press and hold the jump button instead until you reach the surface. Then press and hold the forward button again to swim by double clicking. To dive again, stop pressing the jump button and direct your mouse towards the required depth to further down.
+ Cow. The player can also perform the act of moving slowly by crawling when fast movement conditions do not allow. You are also free to climb while crawling, just move and contact the walls and edges of the object.
– Simple operation. Depending on the movement activities in the game Smart Moving Mod you need to perform manipulations according to different difficulty and ease. But basically the problem of moving in Smart Moving Mod is quite easy. The player mainly uses the mouse to navigate during the move. The player must also maintain this control during the move you make.
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