Menyoo PC “Object Spooner” Tutorial GTA 5

Menyoo PC “Object Spooner” Tutorial GTA 5  is simply the map-making feature of Menyoo PC, a single player trainer/mod menu for Grand Theft Auto V. But over the past year it has grown into much more than that.

You can use Object Spooner to build entire interiors:

I have used Object Spooner for over a year now, and have been an alpha tester for half that time. In this tutorial I will start at the ground level and teach you everything you need to know, from the absolute basics to stuff I just figured out yesterday. Object Spooner is the most powerful and versatile map making tool that exists for GTA V. I hope that by reading this you’ll be inspired to pick it up and eventually make something creative of your own!

One last thing before we get started: if you’re not a native English speaker, “Object Spooner” is simply a play on the words “Object Spawner,” just as “Menyoo” is a play on “Menu.”

The Basics

First you’ll need to install Menyoo. This is as simple as downloading it, placing the contents of the rar in your game directory along with a copy of Script Hook V. You will always need the most current copy of the game and of Script Hook V.

Now start your game and press F8 (or whatever hotkey you assign) to open it. Menyoo has full controller support so you can also press Right Button + Left on the d-pad (or its equivalent) as a shortcut.

Scroll down to Object Spooner, and let’s get started.

On the load screen, you can add a note to be displayed when your map loads. You can also choose to have an audio file play. The audio file you play must be in the mp3 format, and placed in the audio folder in your MenyooStuff directory. The game’s ability to recognize this file is a little finnicky; for example, I made a map, assigned an audio file to it, tested it, and it worked fine. Then I changed the name of the map (and nothing else) and the audio function didn’t work anymore. It’s something you’ll have to play around with and experiment.

Also note that the audio file cannot be stopped and will play until it’s finished. I’d recommend using something very short, if you use it at all.

Delete World Entities (Within Radius) is bugged and doesn’t work. It has occasionally crashed my game, so I’d recommend staying away from it altogether.

Start Task Sequences Immediately will only be relevant once you start using the Task Sequencer, which I’ll cover in future installments. CD-Image Loading Coordinates is likewise something we’ll deal with in later installments, and can be ignored for now.

This concludes the more basic, introductory part of the tutorial. From here on out I’ll be giving more advanced tips that aren’t necessary to simply use Menyoo, but can greatly expand what you can create with it. If you’re reading this far, I’ll assume you are more familiar with Menyoo’s structure, and will be using much less in the way of screencaps and illustrative gifs.

Download and review :  Menyoo trainer – [Menyoo pc sp Mod Gta 5]

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