Magic Launcher 1.15.2 Minecraft mods

You probably had to deal with the problem of installing mods, right? Or you want a universal launcher that does everything. Then you need Magic Launcher!

Features of the launcher:

– selection of the minecraft.jar file you need
– auto-detecting the version of your manycraft
– customizable game window size
– selection of the location of the game folder you need
– selection of the required Java environment
– configurable amount of RAM to run
– you can specify Java parameters
– showing error file (log)
– custom profiles profiles
– dynamically loading mods without changing minecraft.jar
– checking mod compatibility
– downloadable mods from various folders
– settings for external downloadable mods
– checking the required software for mods (ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, Forge, GuiAPI)

Download Links:

Magic Launcher 1.15.2

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