GTAV Mod Manager PC

GTAV Mod Manager 1.0

Always backup ANY FILES you modify. If you download this software you agree that you do not hold me liable if you screw up and have to re-install the game.

Do you have modded RPF’s manually placed in your GTA Directory instead of using this manager? This manager will clean out ALL MODS when pressing GTA:Online, so either move your RPF’s to your GTAV Mod folder or they will be deleted…:

This mod is made for learning purposes, don’t expect great/awesome things of it. Main features: Install mods Delete mods Disable mods Enable mods Commandline editor Download and install mods New in V2.2: Added downloadable .asi mods! They dont show up in you installed mods list yet.. Will add that later! New in V2.1: A lot of bug fixes and improved error messages. New in V2: Download and install mods New in V1.1: Save chosen GTA location Display which gta is displayed Added commandline editor Future features: Vehicle model editor Ini file editor When you start the program, you have to select the folder where gta is installed. Normally these folders are “GTAIV” or “ELFC”. The paths to those folders are: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common and then in the Grand Theft Auto IV or Grand Theft Auto Episodes Of Liberty City. If you want your mod to be added in the get mods list, please mail me, in the future there will be an add mod button on the program itselfe.

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