Download Custom NPCs Mod – Mod create custom NPCs for Minecraft

Custom NPCs Mod adds a new system of mechanics to Minecraft game that has never appeared before, and Custom NPCs Mod also brings many new items and features to help you experience the game in a new, creative and richer way.

If you regularly play Minecraft, you will surely realize that the game also has a certain number of NPCs, which are types of Villagers. However, these NPCs do not communicate at all, only perform some simple actions such as trading with currency in the game. So Custom NPCs Mod was born, allowing you to create NPCs of any shape, not only that, but you were also equipped for these NPCs.

Custom NPCs Mod best supports single player mode, but you can also use it in multiplayer mode. Mods are used to create new NPCs, create mobs, and even copy them. The remainder of the itme used for aesthetic purposes in weapons will do the same damage as a Vanilla weapon. More Player Models Mod is a mod that allows players to change the character type at will, with More Player Models Mod you just need to press F12 to start experiencing this mod with the original Minecraft game.

In addition, Custom NPCs Mod also has many additional features such as components, roles, tasks, conversations and a system of missions for players to complete.

Download Link :

custom npcs mod 1.16.3

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