CompactStorage Mod 1.15.2

CompactStorage Mod 1.15.2 is a mod by tattyseal that adds various new item storage solutions into the game. These storage blocks have larger inventories than the Vanilla chest, but only consume a single block space, hence the name of the mod. The storage items are simply portable versions of the chests.

CompactStorage is a storage mod designed to compact down the amount of storage blocks you need, first of all you have the chest. Chests have a customisable size of up to 24×12 slots!

Last Update: 4.0.3

4.0 updated CompactStorage to 1.15.2. 4.0.3 fixed chests not keeping size when broken. Also fixed tooltips not showing in chest and backpack inventories.



You may use CompactStorage in any of your modpacks! All I ask is that you credit me and link back to this page!


If you ever come across any bugs in CompactStorage or even think of features you would like to be added, you can create an issue over on my !

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