Ancient Warfare Mod adds many new features to Minecraft

True to its name, Ancient Warfare Mod is an ancient Minecraft Mod for Minecraft game. The mod adds NPC, farm, quarry and a lot of features that directly affect the gaming experience.
Ancient Warfare Mod allows the player to become chief at his base, eventually becoming the master of the country. Ancient Warfare Mod adds NPCs who live in the same town as the player and do work around the area, helping you grow the town. You can turn characters into soldiers, archers, commanders, workers and more. Then lead these people into war with the enemy. In addition, the mod also adds a number of new items and blocks to Minecraft.

Ancient Warfare Mod is divided into many modules. Including 1 main module, the remaining modules will share the same functionality as the original. You can install modules individually or in combination with other mods. The sub modules include Automation, NPCs, Structure Generation in addition to the Core version.
  • Core Module: add main functionality and share code to other modules.
  • Structure Module: add template based on creating constructions in World Gen. Includes in-game tools for creating new templates, tools for creating maps in general.
  • Automation Module: includes machines for farming, planting trees, exploiting natural resources, breeding livestock, mining, processing ore … automatically.
  • NPC Module: additional NPCs that are recruited to fight and do other jobs.

Features of Ancient Warfare Mod 1.12.2

  1. Mod based on Forge / FML with high compatibility with other mods.
  2. Open source.
  3. Multi-language support.
  4. Integrated squad system to fight PvP.
  5. Provide NEI Plugin.
  6. Support BuildCraft Mod.
  7. Easily customize the vehicle stats, NPCs, etc. in the config file.
  8. Supplement, modify, and change buildings to suit your gameplay.

Vehicle system:

  • More than 100 vehicles.
  • More than 50 types of ammo.
  • Vehicle by road, at sea, by air.
  • Vehicles have their own stats and use different ammo. Each vehicle can use many types of ammunition.
  • Offers a wide variety of versatile vehicles.

Download link :

Ancient Warfare Mod


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